About the course

Whether you are designing a pressure vessel according to the ASME VIII, PD5500 or EN 13445, PV-Elite offers you a simple way to conduct your pressure vessel design. With its easy to use interface and automated outputs the software suite is designed to save time in designing and analyzing your pressure vessel. For advanced users PV-Elite also includes tubesheet, saddles, leg and skirt design and analysis, together with automated Fitness for Service analysis according to the API 579.   The PV-Elite training course is a 3-day training course which aims to achieve the following goals:  
  • Provide a detailed overview of the features and capabilities of PV-Elite software.
  • Explain in detail how PV-Elite works and how the user can assess a pressure vessel for conformance to the appropriate code rules.
  • Provide an introduction to various common pressure vessel design codes (ASME VIII-1, EN13445, PD5500).
The course is given by an experienced consultant from Dynaflow Research Group. The trainer will lead an interactive training which includes seminars and exercises to gain familiarity in using PV-Elite.  

DRG/Hexagon PPM
This training is organised in cooperation with Hexagon PPM. The training will be presented by DRG, at the DRG office, but the administration process will be handled by Hexagon PPM.


3-day course


Course Objective

“Explain in detail how PV-Elite works and how the user can assess a pressure vessel for conformance to the appropriate code rules

Program & Details


  • Learn how to apply PV-Elite for pressure vessel design
  • Covers all standard pressure vessel components
  • Large amount of practical examples and case studies to illustrate PV-Elite capabilities

Intended for

  • Pressure vessel designers
  • Using PV-Elite to its full potential
  • Increasing one’s knowledge and understanding of pressure vessel design

Prerequisites and level

  • Basic experience in vessel design. 

  • Not sure? Please contact us.

Selected course format


Price on request
  • Face-to-face with instructors
  • On-site or in Rijswijk
  • Printed course materials
  • Lunch included
  • For teams

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