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Pressure Vessel Analysis Using PV-Elite

About The Course

Getting started using PV Elite for pressure vessel design and analysis, reviewing calculations, or wanting to broaden your skills in this software? This training course teaches you how to design the vast majority of pressure vessels and heat exchangers, and also includes specific sections on nozzles, flanges and saddles using PV Elite and CodeCalc.

The course is split into 7 modules, starting with the design of a simple pressure vessel, and then through the next modules, extra features are introduced. The in-depth content within these modules takes the form of video lectures and exercises. Here the participant has the opportunity to attempt the exercises and then follow the extensive recorded explanation from the instructors.

This training course is composed of video lectures and exercises, for which detailed explanations are provided, to teach you the skills you need for pressure vessel design in PV Elite. You receive 1-year unlimited access to the learning and any additional content that is included. This allows you to repeat modules should you need to refresh your knowledge.

Program Details

Course Welcome
  1. Welcome to the course

  2. Your instructor

  3. How to use this course

  4. Personal Certificate requirements

Module 1: Introduction to PV Elite & CodeCalc
  1. PV Elite Interface & Features

  2. Creating a Pressure Vessel in PV Elite

  3. CodeCalc Interface & Features

  4. Configuration Editor

  5. Creating/ Editing Units

  6. Exercise 1.1 – Custom Unit File

  7. Creating/ Editing Materials

  8. Exercise 1.2 – Custom Materials

Module 2: Pressure Vessel Analysis in PV Elite
  1. General Vessel Design & Analysis

  2. Exercise 2.1 – Vertical Vessel with ASME VIII div 1

  3. PD 5500 versus ASME VIII-1 Projects

  4. Exercise 2.2 – Horizontal Vessel with PD5500

  5. Exercise 2.3 – Converting a vessel from 1 code to another

Module 3: Heat Exchangers in PV Elite
  1. Introduction to Heat Exchangers

  2. ASME VIII Heat Exchangers

  3. Creating a Heat Exchanger in PV Elite

  4. Exercise 3.1 – Fixed Tubesheet Heat Exchanger

  5. Exercise 3.2 – Floating Tubesheet Heat Exchanger

  6. Exercise 3.3 – U-Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger

Module 4: Flange Analysis in PV Elite
  1. Modelling Flanges in PV Elite

  2. PEQ Method for Standard Flanges

  3. Flanges in CodeCalc

  4. Exercise 4.1 – Flanges in CodeCalc

  5. Exercise 4.2 – Model with Flanges

  6. Taylor-Forge Analysis

  7. EN1591 Analysis

  8. Exercise 4.3 – EN flange analysis

Module 5: Nozzle Analysis Options in PV Elite
  1. Area Replacement Rules for Nozzles

  2. Nozzle Analysis using WRC Guidelines

  3. Designing Nozzles in CodeCalc

  4. Exercise 5.1 – Nozzles in CodeCalc

  5. Exercise 5.2 – Evaluating external loads in CodeCalc

  6. Designing Nozzles in PV Elite

  7. Exercise 5.3 – Nozzles in PVElite

  8. Analysing Nozzle Pairs

  9. Exercise 5.4 – NozzlePairs in PV Elite

Module 6: Introduction to Saddles, Lugs, Legs, & Jacketed Vessels
  1. Saddles in PV Elite

  2. Exercise 8.1 – Saddled Vessel

  3. Lugs in PV Elite

  4. Legs in PV Elite

  5. Half-Pipe Jackets in PV Elite

  6. Exercise 8.2 – Jacketed Vessel

Module 7: Miscellaneous Features & Reporting
  1. Non-Circular Vessels in PV Elite

  2. Weld Seams and Fatigue

  3. Miscellaneous Utilities

  4. Visualisation Features

  5. Reporting in PV Elite

  6. Exercise 9.1 – Customising Reports

  7. Common Warnings

Final Notes
  1. Congratulations

  2. Course evaluation survey

  3. Your Personal Certificate

This course is self-paced and is not subject to specific dates. The course contains 7 modules with a total of 9hr 30min of content which can be performed at your own pace. A Personal Certificate will be provided to participants if they finish the course within the first month after purchase. This incentive will motivate you to perform the course quickly thereby improving your learning curve.

You receive 1-year unlimited access to all modules, should you wish to refresh your knowledge.

Who should attend this course?

  • Starting engineers designing pressure vessels using PV Elite.

  • Engineers who may be switching from another software package.

  • Those involved in reviewing pressure vessel design calculations using PV Elite.


  • A basic understanding of pressure vessels is beneficial.

Level: Intermediate

Participants of this course receive a personal digital certificate if they meet the following requirements:

  • have completed each module of the course,

  • fill in the Course Evaluation Survey.

Example certificate:

After this course, you…

  • have gained familiarity and confidence in the user interface of PV Elite and CodeCalc,

  • understand the workflow for pressure vessel design,

  • can implement appropriate vessel details, utilities, and options within vessel design using PV Elite,

  • have seen the basics of the content and theory within various pressure vessel codes,

  • know how PV Elite can be used to aid in identifying problems in a vessels design and for designing code conforming mitigation measures,

  • know how to design a working pressure vessel design from scratch to completion through the use of PV Elite.

  • Video lectures,

  • Quizzes and an assignment to reinforce knowledge

The training videos are not available for download, but can be accessed directly with your account on the portal.

You receive 1-year unlimited access to the course, which allows you to watch content again.

No, it is not possible to ask questions to the trainer. It is possible to submit comments and ideas for new topics and modules.

No software is required for participants of this course.

If your computer and internet connection is able to play videos online (YouTube) you will be able to follow the course. Note that almost all browsers are supported, except for Internet Explorer.r.

Yes, this course qualifies for PDH hours as per the NCEES CPC Guidelines.


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Price on request
  • Self-learning modules
  • Live sessions with instructor
  • Online discussion forum
  • 1-year access
  • For individual learning

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