Structural Integrity

About the course

Are you actively involved with piping technical issues on a petrochemical plant? If so, this training course is the starting point to improve your technical knowledge and effectiveness in doing so. During this 2-day training course “Piping Structural Integrity” you will learn the basic technical knowledge concerning the integrity of in-plant piping. 
The course will provide you with a good basic understanding of the different technical aspects involved with in-plant piping. The training course is intended for all technical and non-technical staff working on petrochemical sites that are involved in technical decisions on a day-to-day basis. 
The first day of the training is especially well suited for operators, supervisors, technicians and plant managers who want to improve their knowledge and awareness in order to more quickly recognize potential problems in the field. 
The optional second day is suited for all staff that need to assess these technical problems in more detail and therefore need to perform simple manual calculations.


2-day course


Course Objective

 Improve knowledge and awareness in order to more quickly recognize potential problems in the field

Program & Details


  • Typical pipe failure modes and how to avoid
  • Best practices for pipe stress analysis
  • Design and installation of pipe supporting
  • Difficulties in simulating the piping/equipment connection
  • Overview of the authority codes and when to apply

Intended for

  • Technical and non-technical staff working on petrochemical sites
  • Field personnel and engineers looking for a general overview

Prerequisites and level

Selected course format


Price on request
  • Face-to-face with instructors
  • On-site or in Rijswijk
  • Printed course materials
  • Lunch included
  • For teams

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