About the course

During this 2-day training, the participants will be introduced to the open-source CFD technology OpenFOAM®. The most commonly used CFD solver capabilities of OpenFOAM® will be explored, combined with an in-depth look in the structure of the Computational Fluid Dynamics Library, which forms the base of all OpenFOAM® fluid flow solvers. 
The participants will be introduced to fluid dynamics and corresponding CFD methods and solvers that are available in OpenFOAM®. Participants analyze industrial case studies in different fields such as incompressible/compressible flows, heat transfer and multiphase flows.This course will be presented by one of the DRG consultants who actively uses OpenFOAM® within their project work.


2-day course


Course Objective

“Learn to use OpenFOAM for projects

Program & Details


  • Getting started and become familiar with the OpenFOAM® framework, commonly used solvers and relevant industrial examples.

Intended for

  • The training course is intended for engineers involved in fluid flows and heat transfer problems in industry that are considering or using OpenFOAM®.

Prerequisites and level

  • Basic theoretical background on flow and heat transfer mechanisms is preferable.

  • Not sure? Please contact us.

Selected course format


Price on request
  • Face-to-face with instructors
  • On-site or in Rijswijk
  • Printed course materials
  • Lunch included
  • For teams

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