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Jem 3.0

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Jem/Jive Tutorials

pre-course material

This stack of slides will help you getting started with Jem and Jive, two C++ libraries aimed at developing numerical programs. It is meant to be studied before starting the course Developing numerical programs with Jem and Jive from Dynaflow Research Group.

Its main goal is to make you more familiar with Jem/Jive so that you will be more productive during the course.

Developing numerical programs with Jem and Jive

This stack of slides explain how to get started with the model and module framework provided by Jive. It comes with multiple exercises that one can use to practice with the presented information. The solutions to the exercises are included too. These slides assume that the reader is familiar with the essential classes and concepts provided by Jem/Jive.

Part of the slides serve as a high-level reference manual for common modules and models.

The final part deals with a non-linear example program that implements a damage mechanics model. This program could be used as the basis of your own Jive program.