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Finite Element Analysis In PVP


FEPipe is a template-based software solution specifically designed for use in the pressure vessel and piping (PVP) industry. Based on the chosen template, FEPipe performs detailed simulations using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to comply with the ASME B&PV Section VIII Division 2. What separates FEPipe from general purpose FEA software packages is its ability to rapidly construct PVP geometries and produce ASME code compliance reports.

FEPipe is part of the PVPT (Pressure Vessel Piping and Tank) Design Suite.

Key Capabilities

More than 30 years of experience with surge analyses have been incorporated into FEPipe.

We are committed to continue doing so in every new version of the software.

The parametric approach used in FEPipe permits even novice pressure vessel engineers to construct accurate models using only dimensional input. FEPipe automatically creates the model geometry, finite element mesh, applied loads, and boundary conditions based on standard dimensions.

Results are presented in terms of ASME code compliance reports instead of generalized stress tensors and stress intensities as general FEA tools tend to do. This enables novice user to use and comprehend the package.

FEPipe includes a load case processor that automatically accounts for load cases that contribute to failure in piping and pressure vessel components. Such as weight, thermal load, internal/external pressure, seismic loads and loads due to acceleration or fluid head.

Advanced analysis options include linear-elastic, plasticity, fitness-for-service, high-temperature creep, buckling, and harmonic convergence.

FEPipe Applications And Examples

PVP Geometry Templates

A large number of common PVP geometries can be modeled using FEPipe templates:

  • Unreinforced and reinforced tees, lateral, and hillside nozzles or piping intersections
  • Saddle supported vessels and heat exchangers
  • Large diameter piping and ducting using shell elements
  • Piping systems using standard 6 degree of freedom (DOF) beam elements, new 18 DOF beam elements, or shell elements
  • Vessels with all geometric features including nozzles, support skirts, heads, structural clips, and stiffening rings.
  • Flanges with bolt loads, pressure, external loads, and thermal analysis
  • Tangential entry nozzles in cylindrical shells (rectangular, obround, and cylindrical nozzles)

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