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Our engineers at DRG, including our software engineers, use our software products on a regular basis for solving a wide range of challenging problems. This means that we constantly get feedback that helps us developing software products that meet the expectations of its users. It also allows us to provide expert support to our software users.

Our academic background and close connections with a number of Technical Universities allow us to maintain detailed knowledge of state-of-the-art numerical methods. This knowledge, combined with our engineering experience in general and our software engineering skills in particular, enables us to deliver engineering tools that help you maintain a leading edge in your business.

Software Solutions


A comprehensive software solution for the simulation and analysis of piping systems involving reciprocating equipment. It can be used to study the harmonic pressure pulsations in the system, to check the pulsations and shaking forces against the applicable API standards, and to assess the effect of the shaking forces on the structural response of the system.


An interactive and visual software package for the simulation and analysis of fluid flow through piping systems. It is an effective tool to study the steady state and transient flow conditions and determine the flow rates, pressures and unbalanced forces in piping systems.


A tool for engineers involved with modeling piping systems for stress simulations, fluid flow simulations or other types of simulations. Using ISOtracer, managing your isometrics, generating a piping model and marking up changes has never been easier.


A free viewer for piping systems. It can import piping models from CAESAR II neutral files, Piping Component Files, BOSfluids models and results, and BOSpulse models and results.


FEPipe is a template-based software solution specifically designed for use in the pressure vessel and piping (PVP) industry. Based on the chosen template, FEPipe performs detailed simulations using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to comply with the ASME B&PV Section VIII Division.


NozzlePRO is a dedicated software solution for piping and pressure vessel components. NozzlePRO is based on the technology offered in FEPipe with a user interface that simplifies input and allows engineers to quickly analyze piping and pressure components with a high degree of accuracy.
featools, course


FEATools transforms your piping model (CAESAR II and PCL-Gold) by including upgraded branch connections (with the addition of rigid elements and restraints) to better simulate real-world displacement and forces.


Jive is a flexible C++ programming toolkit for building numerical applications. It provides a large collection of functions and data structures, bundled into classes, for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) and for other types of numerical operations, including data analysis and data visualization.

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