On-Demand Webinar

Understanding and Mitigating AIV and FIV in Modern Plant Design

Acoustic Induced Vibrations (AIV) and Flow-Induced Vibrations (FIV) are critical phenomena that can lead to significant operational challenges and even catastrophic failures in industrial piping systems. According to the 2003 UK Health & Safety Executive report for the offshore industry, 20% of all hydrocarbon releases in the UK sector of the North Sea were attributed to vibrational and fatigue issues.

As plants strive for more optimized pipe designs, dynamic issues are becoming increasingly common. This trend necessitates advanced solutions to understand the causes of these issues and to determine the necessary mitigation measures.

In this technical session, we explore the mechanisms behind AIV and FIV, their impact on piping systems, and effective strategies for identifying, screening, and mitigating vibrations.

David Tickner, Senior Engineer, Dynaflow Research Group

This session will be led by David Tickner, Senior Engineer, together with our expert team of engineers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the fundamental principles behind acoustic and flow-induced vibrations.
  • Learn how AIV and FIV can lead to line failures and the associated risks.
  • Discover methods to recognize and screen for vibrations induced by AIV and FIV.
  • Explore practical solutions to mitigate the sources and excitations of AIV and FIV.

This session is for:

  • Mechanical engineers,
  • Piping stress engineers
  • Process engineers,
  • Plant design coordinators
  • Anyone involved in the design, maintenance, and operation of industrial piping systems