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Surge and dynamic stress analysis for an offshore wind farm using BOSfluids

A well-designed cooling water system design takes into account the possibility of upset scenarios such as pump failure and water hammer events.

For the analysis of these events, a transient fluid flow (or surge) analysis is performed to calculate the hydrodynamic forces that can occur. The surge analysis is followed by a dynamic stress analysis to assess whether the piping system can withstand these hydrodynamic forces.

In this webinar, a real-life case study about surge and dynamic stress analysis is explored, showing the strength of combining a surge analysis in BOSfluids with a dynamic stress analysis.

The case study looks into a project for a cooling water system of a North Sea offshore converter platform. The converter platform is the central platform of an offshore wind farm used to transfer the power of 128 offshore wind turbines in the North Sea to the shore and uses a seawater system for cooling the large converters. The cooling water system consists of Glass-fiber Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) piping for which various transient flow upset scenarios are investigated.

Key takeaways:

  • How to integrate BOSfluids in your workflow next to your pipe stress analysis tools.
  • Using ISOtracer as a starting point for any kind of analysis involving isometric drawings.
  • Having a bi-directional interface between your various analysis tools.

This webinar will be led by Mark Groen, Lead Software Engineer at Dynaflow Research Group together with our expert team of engineers.

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