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Analysis of Surge problems with CAESAR II and BOSfluids 5.4

The webinar

Together with Hexagon PPM, DRG is co-hosting a free webinar on Analysis of Surge problems with CAESAR II and BOSfluids this month. Last month DRG released its latest version of BOSfluids, version 5.4.

Surge problems in piping systems can have devastating effects on production and safety. The consequences of a surge that is not catered for in the design of a system ranges from pipe clashes, support failures and equipment overload through to pipe rupture. It is much better to prevent this with accurate analysis than cater for the effects after the event which can be extremely costly, cause injury and damage reputation. Using the tight integration between CAESAR II and BOSfluids makes this process quick and efficient.

BOSfluids can import CII files (CAESARII neutral files) thereby preserving the original node numbering. This allows stress engineers to use models built in any software package that supports the CII format. In order to calculate the unbalanced forces induced for example by water hammer or reciprocating equipment. The calculated results can easily be transferred back to evaluate the mechanical effect on the piping structure.

New Features BOSfluids

Click here to read more about the new features and improvements that are aimed at making BOSfluids an even more effective waterhammer and surge analysis tool.

Webinar Topics

  • Importing a CAESAR II model into a BOSfluids 3D model
  • The easy creation of boundary conditions for a flow simulation
  • Showing/discussing the simulation results – tabular, 2D and 3D
  • Exporting the simulation results (load v time) to CAESAR II to perform a dynamic time history
    stress analysis
  • Assessment of the ‘mechanical’ analysis for consequences on code and equipment compliance

Click here to read full description of the free webinar.

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