BOSfluids 7.0: Parameter studies in steady state analyses

BOSfluids not only provides support for sophisticated transient analyses, but also provides robust and increasingly advanced support for steady state and quasi steady state analyses. This is highlighted by the latest BOSfluids release that extends the steady state analysis type with support for parameter studies.

BOSfluids: Steady State license option

The latest BOSfluids release brings a new, low-cost license option that is aimed at users who are primarily interested in performing steady state analyses.

Quasi steady state analyses

BOSfluids has always provided support for both steady state and transient analyses. The latter typically involve simulations of flow conditions that change over a relatively short time frame. Simulations of slowly-evolving flow conditions over long time periods are often not feasible due to excessive computation times. The upcoming BOSfluids 6.1 release will therefore offer support […]