The DRG Laboratory – In-house testing at Dynaflow

The DRG Laboratory allows us to perform in-house tests on Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) piping. The last decade we have experienced strong growth in the demand for Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) piping tests. For quality control purposes, testing of these materials and products is very important. By performing these tests in-house, we can provide accurate […]

BOSpulse 5.0: Improved model building user interface

The upcoming BOSpulse release, version 5.0, comes with a new set up of the first two top-level tab pages in the user interface. This change improves the distinction between the actions that operate on the main model and those that operate on a sub-scenario. This change makes it possible to skip the Scenarios tab page […]

DRG welcomes David Gonzalez Pomares

We are pleased to announce that David Gonzalez Pomares has joined our team as an engineer. David is a graduate from Industrial Engineering at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain. After optaining his Industrial Engineering masters degree in Madrid, David moved to Kyoto, Japan. David also holds a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the […]

Exhange Program Dynaflow and Stressman Engineering

After welcoming Stressmans Håkon Bjåland Paulsen for the Exhange Program between Dynaflow and Stressman Engineering, its time for one of our project engineers to go to Norway. Mick Bouman, project engineer at Dynaflow Research Group will be joining the Stressman team in Porsgrunn until the third week of June. Mick is about to experience the […]

Exhange Program Stressman Engineering and Dynaflow

Since this week we have welcomed Håkon Bjåland Paulsen, stress engineer at Stressman Engineering, Norway. Håkon is about to experience the Dutch culture, the Dynaflow working environment, to learn from us and to share his knowledge. In a month one of our engineers will go to Norway to experience the same. The aim of this […]

Flow pulse of a rotary lobe blower compressor

Dynaflow performed an pulsation analysis study for a client where a silencer check was required to dampen the pulsations generated by a rotary lobe blower. A rotary lobe blower is a positive displacement pump which operates by pumping a gas with a pair of lobes. Gas is trapped in pockets surrounding the lobes and carried […]

DRG welcomes Sergi Tarroc Gil

We are pleased to announce that Sergi Tarroc has joined our team as an engineer. Sergi is a graduate from Aeronautical Engineering at the Linköping University Sweden and Polytechnic University of Catalonia Spain. His thesis was about “A Fractional Step Zonal Model and Unstructured Mesh Generation Framework for Simulating Cabin Flows”, A coarse and low […]

BOSfluids: Two-phase flood and drain analyses

When an empty, or gas filled, piping system is rapidly filled with a liquid, then significant forces can be exerted by the liquid on the system, especially when the liquid hits a significant flow restriction or the end point of a pipeline section. Indeed, there have been multiple incidents involving firewater systems in which these […]

BOSpulse support added to CSiPlant

BOSpulse support has been added to CSiPlant. As of version 7, CSiPlant is able to import the harmonic, pressure- induced forces calculated by BOSpulse. This means that you can use CSiPlant, and its non-linear transient capabilities, to assess the structural response of piping systems that are subjected to pressure pulsations resulting from reciprocating pumps and […]

FEPipe Essentials Training Course

Dynaflow Research Group has released a new online course: FEPipe Essentials. The objective of this course is to give FEPipe users a strong understanding of performing ASME VIII-2 “Design by Analysis” calculations using FEPipe and the many capabilities of the software. The course consists of 7 online modules based on video lectures, software tutorials and […]