BOSpulse 5.0: Improved model building user interface

The upcoming BOSpulse release, version 5.0, comes with a new set up of the first two top-level tab pages in the user interface. This change improves the distinction between the actions that operate on the main model and those that operate on a sub-scenario. This change makes it possible to skip the Scenarios tab page […]

BOSpulse support added to CSiPlant

BOSpulse support has been added to CSiPlant. As of version 7, CSiPlant is able to import the harmonic, pressure- induced forces calculated by BOSpulse. This means that you can use CSiPlant, and its non-linear transient capabilities, to assess the structural response of piping systems that are subjected to pressure pulsations resulting from reciprocating pumps and […]

BOSpulse: New support for generating torque graphs

The reciprocating compressor models implemented by BOSpulse require a substantial number of input parameters that affect the magnitude and shape of the generated flow rate. As the flow rate is the main source of the pressure pulsations, a small mistake in the input parameters can lead to an inaccurate or even invalid API assessment. To […]

BOSpulse 4.2 released

After the release of BOSfluids two weeks ago, DRG is pleased to announce the release of BOSpulse¬†version 4.2. BOSpulse is a comprehensive software solution for performing pulsation analyses of piping systems involving reciprocating equipment. Our software provides a complete solution for engineers looking for a tool to solve their acoustic and mechanical response problems for […]

BOSpulse: New support for stepless flow control

An increasing number of reciprocating compressors are equipped with actuators that can regulate the opening state of suction valves to reduce the capacity (or flow) rate continuously from 100% to zero. This so-called stepless capacity or flow control has proven to be an effective way to save energy when operating a compressor at a lower […]

BOSpulse: Improved structural analysis interface

The previous BOSpulse release brought a bridge between the flow domain and the structural domain in the form of a structural solver interface. This enables you to perform a forced mechanical response analysis without having to perform error-prone and manual conversions from the flow model to the structural model. ¬† The structural solver interface has […]

Dynaflow to join Industry Insights with Hexagon PPM and Stressman Engineering

June 9th Dynaflow will join Hexagon PPM’s Industry Insight with Stressman Engineering. Our lead software engineer Mark Groen will join this event to discuss the capabilities of BOSpulse. Together with Hexagon and Stressman, we will dive into a previous engineering project of Stressman Engineering where BOSpulse was used. Tackling a dangerous vibration problem within an […]

Screw compressor silencer performance check

Screw compressors generate pulsations similar to other displacement machines such as reciprocating pumps and compressors. The pulsation suppression devices for screw compressors are also called silencers and are specifically designed to dampen the pulsations generated by screw compressors while also being capable of accommodating the dynamic mechanical loading exerted on the internal area of the […]

BOSfluids: Improved pump failure simulations

BOSfluids excels in transient analyses, especially when your are interested in over-pressure or under-pressure situations. As these kind of situations are often of concern in pump failure scenarios, the latest release of BOSfluids, version 6.1 brings some significant improvements to its capability of simulating such scenarios. Setting up a pump failure simulation requires the input […]

BOSpulse: Automatic steady state tuning

An harmonic flow analysis requires the specification of at least one pressure boundary condition, typically at a boundary of the piping model. In some situations, however the exact pressure at that point is not known, but must be determined by trial and error in order to obtain a specific pressure at a compressor flange. BOSpulse […]