BOSpulse 5.1: Improved performance of the flow solvers

BOSpulse 5.1: Improved performance of the flow solvers. BOSpulse 5.1 is the effective tool for performing API analyses.

An API analysis can involve many scenarios and parameter variations. The analysis time may therefore be a significant factor in the execution of a pulsation project, especially if it involves a non-trivial piping model. Fortunately, BOSpulse 5.1 brings several improvements that may reduce the analysis time considerably. Both the transient (time domain) and harmonic (frequency […]

NEW COURSE: How to Review a Pulsation Study

How to review a pulsation study

Recently Dynaflow Research Group together with online training platform released “How to Review a Pulsation Study” training course. The course objective is to explain what the non-specialist reviewer or project lead should focus on when reviewing a pulsation analysis study. Pulsation studies can result in quite elaborate and complex reports with large output data […]

BOSpulse 5.0: Improved model building user interface

The upcoming BOSpulse release, version 5.0, comes with a new set up of the first two top-level tab pages in the user interface. This change improves the distinction between the actions that operate on the main model and those that operate on a sub-scenario. This change makes it possible to skip the Scenarios tab page […]

BOSpulse: (Preview) New support for end caps

The upcoming version of BOSpulse will offer a new Cap node type with which you can more accurately model Pressure Suppression Devices (PSDs) and therefore perform more accurate API 618 and API 674 analyses. Modeling the acoustic length and volume of the piping system is of great importance for an API 618 or API 674 […]

Flow pulse of a rotary lobe blower compressor

Dynaflow performed an pulsation analysis study for a client where a silencer check was required to dampen the pulsations generated by a rotary lobe blower. A rotary lobe blower is a positive displacement pump which operates by pumping a gas with a pair of lobes. Gas is trapped in pockets surrounding the lobes and carried […]

BOSpulse support added to CSiPlant

BOSpulse support has been added to CSiPlant. As of version 7, CSiPlant is able to import the harmonic, pressure- induced forces calculated by BOSpulse. This means that you can use CSiPlant, and its non-linear transient capabilities, to assess the structural response of piping systems that are subjected to pressure pulsations resulting from reciprocating pumps and […]