Granular Fluid Flow Simulations

Many industrial processes involve the transport of granular particles in flowing fluids. Simulation of these granular fluid flows is not trivial because of the different time and lengths scales involved, and because of the different nature of the inter-particle and particle-fluid interactions. DRG is trying to overcome these difficulties by developing a coupled CFD-particle solver […]

Hades used in PhD Huan He

Titel: Computational Modelling of Particle Packing in Concrete By Huan He Physical particle packing is becoming a hot topic in concrete technology as more and more types of granular materials are used in concrete either for ecological or for engineering purposes. Although various analytical methods have been developed for optimum mixture design, comprehensive information on […]

Hades used with Porosity of Concrete

Titel: Porosity of Concrete – Morphological Study of Model Concrete By Jing Hu Porosity of Concrete has developed a comprehensive methodological framework for characterizing geometrical and morphological. Aspects of pore space in cementitious materials and explored its application to actual cement pastes and model concretes for the purpose of predicting mechanical and transport properties of […]

Hades used in PhD Jianjun Zheng

Titel: Mesostructure of concrete Stereological analysis and some mechanical implications By Jianjun Zheng On the mesoscale, concrete can be considered as a composite material consisting of aggregate particles and a cement matrix. Performance of the material on the macroscale will be governed by the physical properties of the two phases, as well as by the […]