BOSfluids 7.0 released

DRG is pleased to announce the next release of BOSfluids, version 7.0. BOSfluids is our powerful fluid dynamic simulation tool to perform surge analyses, simulate pump failures and analyze waterhammer events in an interactive and visual way. The video below shows the highlights of the 2022 version 7.0. New features include: Support for building 2-D […]

BOSfluids capabilities in handling large models

One of the features that makes BOSfluids stand out from other surge analysis applications is its ability to deal with 3-D piping models. This, however, does not limit the size and complexity of the models that can be handled by BOSfluids. By employing a range of optimisation techniques you can comfortably build, view, modify and […]

Firewater Deluge Layout Design

Dynaflow Research Group has performed the design and analysis for the firewater deluge layout of two large production modules of a floating production storage and offloading system (FPSO). The objective was to design a safe, efficient and code compliant system, providing complete spray coverage by monitors and sprinkler nozzles for all areas and equipment that […]