Dynaflow Opens new US Office

DYNAFLOW RESEARCH GROUP BV Opens new US Office in Houston

Dynaflow Research Group announces the opening of a new US-based office, Dynaflow Research Group, Inc., located in Houston, Texas.

The design of a cooling water system

Cooling water installations are designed to cool an installation in the event of a nearby fire. This can be necessary if the contents of a tank or pressure vessel are likely to expand with heat. We can use BOSfluids to perform hydraulic calculations of steady state flows in a cooling water system that includes many deluge nozzles (sprinklers).

The DRG Laboratory – In-house testing at Dynaflow

The DRG Laboratory allows us to perform in-house tests on Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) piping. The last decade we have experienced strong growth in the demand for Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) piping tests. For quality control purposes, testing of these materials and products is very important. By performing these tests in-house, we can provide accurate […]

Exhange Program Dynaflow and Stressman Engineering

After welcoming Stressmans Håkon Bjåland Paulsen for the Exhange Program between Dynaflow and Stressman Engineering, its time for one of our project engineers to go to Norway. Mick Bouman, project engineer at Dynaflow Research Group will be joining the Stressman team in Porsgrunn until the third week of June. Mick is about to experience the […]

Exhange Program Stressman Engineering and Dynaflow

Since this week we have welcomed Håkon Bjåland Paulsen, stress engineer at Stressman Engineering, Norway. Håkon is about to experience the Dutch culture, the Dynaflow working environment, to learn from us and to share his knowledge. In a month one of our engineers will go to Norway to experience the same. The aim of this […]

Flow pulse of a rotary lobe blower compressor

Dynaflow performed an pulsation analysis study for a client where a silencer check was required to dampen the pulsations generated by a rotary lobe blower. A rotary lobe blower is a positive displacement pump which operates by pumping a gas with a pair of lobes. Gas is trapped in pockets surrounding the lobes and carried […]

Dynaflow joins EngineeringTrainerTV: Fiberglass and Steel Piping

On February 9th, Edwin Schimmel, project engineer at Dynaflow Research Group will join a session of EngineeringTrainerTV: “Fiberglass and Steel Piping: Differences in Engineering”. Together with Luuk Hennen of EngineeringTrainer.com, Edwin will discuss the differences in engineering between fiberglass and steel piping. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) piping, also called Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) piping, is […]

The J-integral Approach in Elastic-Plastic Fatigue Analysis

The J-integral Approach in Elastic-Plastic Fatigue Analysis by Tammo Dukker In a fatigue analysis one would like to investigate the susceptibility of a structural component to crack propagation under cyclic loading to determine the number of cycles until a failure occurs. Common techniques applied in a fatigue analysis follow from the results of a linear […]

BOSfluids: Improved pump model and user interface

Pump failure is a common cause of problematic transient flow conditions in piping systems. Simulation of pump failure is therefore an effective way to assess the robustness of a piping system before actual damage can occur. The pump model implemented by BOSfluids uses built-in pump curves to simulate the operating conditions of a pump after […]