DRG welcomes Judecyll Ragay Eguia

We are pleased to announce that Judecyll Ragay Eguia has joined our team as Office Manager & Executive Assistant for our Middle-East office. Jhodie is a graduate from Centro Escolar University in Manila, The Philippines where she studied Business Administration. Over the years Jhodie has become an experienced Office Manager who worked for several companies, […]

DRG welcomes Daniëllle de Jong

We are very pleased to announce that Daniëlle de Jong has joined our team as Engineer. Daniëlle is a graduate from Delft University of Technology where she obtained her masters degree in Aerospace Engineering. She gratuated on “Detached Eddy Simulation applied to three-dimensional aerodynamic full car simulations in motersport”. In her free time Daniëlle is […]