BOSpulse: New support for stepless flow control

An increasing number of reciprocating compressors are equipped with actuators that can regulate the opening state of suction valves to reduce the capacity (or flow) rate continuously from 100% to zero. This so-called stepless capacity or flow control has proven to be an effective way to save energy when operating a compressor at a lower […]

BOSfluids 6.2 released

DRG is pleased to announce the next release of BOSfluids, version 6.2. BOSfluids is our powerful fluid dynamic simulation tool to perform surge analyses, simulate pump failures and analyze waterhammer events in an interactive and visual way. The video below shows the highlights of the 2021 version 6.2. New features include: New support for simulating […]

BOSpulse: Improved structural analysis interface

The previous BOSpulse release brought a bridge between the flow domain and the structural domain in the form of a structural solver interface. This enables you to perform a forced mechanical response analysis without having to perform error-prone and manual conversions from the flow model to the structural model.   The structural solver interface has […]

BOSfluids: New support for simulating control systems

Piping systems frequently involve automatic control systems that adjust flow elements in response to changes in the flow conditions or to external events, such as timer switches. Setting up such control systems is a non-trivial task as the optimal control parameters tend to depend strongly on the piping system properties. Simulation is a very helpful […]

ISOtracer: New support for beam elements and tee junctions

ISOtracer can greatly reduce the effort required to build a 3-D piping model from a collection of isometric drawings. However, when you needed to include supporting steel structures, you had to add those after exporting the ISOtracer model to an analysis application like BOSfluids. This situation is less than ideal as the ISOtracer model could […]

Dynaflow to join Industry Insights with Hexagon PPM and Stressman Engineering

June 9th Dynaflow will join Hexagon PPM’s Industry Insight with Stressman Engineering. Our lead software engineer Mark Groen will join this event to discuss the capabilities of BOSpulse. Together with Hexagon and Stressman, we will dive into a previous engineering project of Stressman Engineering where BOSpulse was used. Tackling a dangerous vibration problem within an […]

Webinar series: Power Your Dynamic Analysis with BOSfluids and CAESAR II

Dynaflow Research Group and Hexagon PPM join forces for a series of webinar sessions. In three webinar live sessions we will elaborate how leveraging BOSfluids and CAESAR II together takes the pain and stress out of Dynamic Stress Analysis. This unique combination saves your engineers time and resources, while ensuring accuracy with ease. Session 1 […]

Stand-Alone license FEATools now available

The new 15.0 version of FEATools is now also available as Stand-Alone version. Dynaflow offers three license types for the PRG2021 FEA software suite: The FEPipe license includes all modules and programs The NozzlePRO license includes NozzlePRO and a subset of the modules The FEATools license includes the FEA translator for piping systems and additional […]

Select by Properties in ISOtracer

Building a model of a piping system is more often than not an iterative process. That is, after building the initial model, it typically needs to be modified multiple times before arriving at the final model. As modifications tend to involve multiple elements, an effective modeling tool will provide various ways to select the elements […]

PRG 2021 Release; FEPipe, NozzlePRO, FEATools

The new version of the PRG Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software suite has been released. PRG 2021 contains FEPipe v15.0, NozzlePRO v15.0 and FEATools v15.0 and additional FEA programs and modules. The PRG 2021 FEA suite has been designed to meet the specific needs of the pressure vessel and piping industries. The main advantage of […]