BOSfluids: Steady State license option

The latest BOSfluids release brings a new, low-cost license option that is aimed at users who are primarily interested in performing steady state analyses. It comes in the form of a cloud license key and provides access to the steady state features of BOSfluids for one year. In the case that you do not to perform a transient analysis, you can simply upgrade your license and continue working with a familiar software tool.

Although BOSfluids might be known best for its excellent transient analysis capabilities, it also provides robust and increasingly advanced support for steady state and quasi steady state analyses. This is highlighted by the latest BOSfluids release that adds support for building a piping model as a 2-D network, that extends the steady state analysis type with support for parameter studies, and that makes it possible to define custom data sets. While adding these and more features BOSfluids retains its clean user interface and runs as efficiently as ever.


Furthermore, we would also like to inform new and future users that our “Water hammer/surge analysis using BOSfluids” training course is available as self-paced online training course. For more information on this course and other courses please visit us on


For more information on BOSfluids licenses and pricing, please contact:

Software Sales

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or request the demo version.

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