The new software package: BOSpulse

DRG is proud to announce the release of our software package BOSpulse

BOSpulse is a harmonic flow solver for the simulation and analysis of reciprocating equipment. BOSpulse makes it possible to model custom or predefined reciprocating equipment and the attached piping, perform a pulsation analysis and check the results against the allowable pulsations prescribed by the API standards. Also this can export the periodic forces resulting from acoustic resonance to a pipe stress program. It therefore provides a complete solution for engineers looking for an extensive acoustic and mechanical resonance simulation for their reciprocating equipment.

With this software package engineers can perform a pulsation analysis for reciprocating compressors according to the API 618 standard or for reciprocating pumps according to the API 674 standard. The API standards specify the allowable pulsation levels on a per frequency basis, so each harmonic component of pressure profile must be evaluated separately. Using BOSpulse the pressure profile can be decomposed into multiple harmonics of the machine base frequency for quick and easy analysis of the results.

Request the new BOSpulse demo version here.

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