Saving modeling time with BOSfluids

Saving modeling time with new BOSfluids

At the beginning of this month DRG released BOSfluids 5.4. BOSfluids is our powerful fluid dynamic simulation tool used to prevent pipe failures caused by waterhammer and surge pressure events.

Importing over 1000 isometrics using PCF import functionality
Currently we are working on a surge analysis of the cooling water, fire water, and potable water of a large plant. The new capabilities of BOSfluids allow us to save several weeks of modelling efforts. The picture shows the model we created using over 1000 isometrics based on the pcf import functionality. The system contains details of the each user connected to the main supply and return header allowing us to conduct an accurate analysis.

Using BOSfluids our clients can drastically reduce modeling costs
This new feature allows us to reduce the cost for surge analysis of large systems. It makes it more attractive for clients to conduct such an analysis during the design phase of their project. With BOSfluids our clients can build a safer and more robust system in the future.

For more information and the free BOSfluids demo version, visit the BOSfluids website:

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