PRG 2021 Release; FEPipe, NozzlePRO, FEATools

The new version of the PRG Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software suite has been released. PRG 2021 contains FEPipe v15.0, NozzlePRO v15.0 and FEATools v15.0 and additional FEA programs and modules.

The PRG 2021 FEA suite has been designed to meet the specific needs of the pressure vessel and piping industries. The main advantage of the PRG software suite is the ability to rapidly construct PV&P geometries and automatically produce ASME stress reports. Results are presented in terms of ASME requirements instead of generalized stress results.

The FEPipe license provides access to the complete suite, which now also includes FEATools. FEATools v15.0 transforms your piping model (CAESAR II and PCL-Gold) by including upgraded branch connections (with the addition of rigid elements and restraints) to better simulate real-world displacement and forces. The FEA-based calculations provide the necessary k-factors, SSIs and SIFs that will be added to every branch connection.

The FEA translator from FEATools is new in the PRG2021 suite.

New Features for PRG 2021:

  • ASME 2019 Code Compliance
  • Automated Nonlinear SSI and Collapse Calculations for Heads, Branches or Saddles
  • Combination Loads Thru the Run
  • Multiple Load Cases in Load Case Editor
  • ASME Code Classification Update
  • Collapse Load Model Perturbation and Buckling for Heads, Cylinders and Branch Connections
  • WRC 107/537 Update Guidance for Spheres, Elliptical and Dished Heads
  • Recommended SCF for Pressure Stress on Welds
  • Interactive Local Thin Area Drawing & Analysis
  • +Y Simple Nonlinear Supports for Saddles, Pipe Shoes and Similar Geometries
  • Bar Supports & Local Thin Areas
  • Leak-Before-Break Linear and Nonliear Pressure Fatigue of Thick Nozzles and Olets
  • Acoustic Induced Vibration (AIV) Update
  • Many more…

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