Dynaflow and Seawind announce collaboration

Dynaflow Research Group and Seawind Ocean Technology announce collaboration focusing on technical readiness of floating offshore wind applications in the Mediterranean Sea.

This landmark partnership will accelerate floating wind turbine deployment in the Mediterranean Sea by focusing on the conditions for large-scale deployment in an area that is very promising but where currently no floating wind projects exist.

The collaboration between the two companies will cover a number of technical analyses and engineering studies in offshore wind plant optimisation in relation to Seawind’s projects. Dynaflow will exploit and enter new business segments through this agreement, by the provision and supply studies and rendered services innovative to the floating offshore industry. Both Seawind Ocean Technology and Dynaflow Research Group have expressed their commitment to move forward in the floating offshore wind industry as strategic partners.

Focus on the Mediterranean Sea is because it is all deep, the deepest European Sea, reaching depths of 2,5 to 3,5 km. This is classed as ultra-deep-water territory for the offshore wind sector. At these depths there are only limited offshore wind floating solutions for deployment. Under these conditions careful understanding of deep-sea conditions to deploy floating wind systems is essential. For these purposes, Dynaflow is a key partner for the deployment of Seawind’s innovative two-blade with teetering hinge floating wind turbines.

Seawind CEO, Vincent Dewulf, said “Today we are delighted to announce our strategic collaboration with Dynaflow Research Group; Dynaflow is an ideal partner for Seawind as they embrace and practice innovation, they have demonstrated technological prowess and are also very hands-on”.

Dynaflow CEO, Niels Bos, said “We are very pleased to be able to contribute to the innovative design and mission of Seawind. We believe Seawind will lead the development of floating offshore wind applications and we are glad to be part of that journey.

Seawind Ocean Technology is a supplier of integrated floating offshore wind turbine and green hydrogen systems. Dynaflow Research Group is an advanced engineering firm using a multi-disciplinary approach, encompassing the static and dynamic analysis of fluids and gases and of mechanical components

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