Parallel Programming

Starting February 11th 2020, our Software Director Erik Jan Lingen together with Matthias Möller from the Faculty of Mathematics will present a course (WI4265TU) on Parallel Programming.

This course is a practical introduction to parallel programming, which is open to master students and PhD students at the Delft University of Technology. The course explains the basic concepts of programming for parallel computers and focuses on three parallel programming models: the message passing model with MPI; the shared memory model with OpenMP; and the shared memory model with threads. All topics taught during the course will be applied in hands-on exercises.

The students will be able to design and implement parallel algorithms using a programming model that provides the best match with the algorithm. They will be able assess the performance of the implementation and solve all kinds of practical problems that will pop up during the implementation of the algorithm.

The course mixes theory with practical, hands-on exercises. These exercises enable the students to apply their newly learned knowledge in smaller and larger contexts, and thus provide an opportunity to really understand different aspects related to parallel programming. Some of the exercises involve implementing the same algorithm with different programming models so that the differences between those models become more apparent.

As all hands-on exercises will be implemented in the C programming language, you must be familiar with this language on a basic level.

Dynaflow Research Group also conducts a yearly C++ programming training course. On demand we also provide an Advanced Programming C++ training courses.

For more information regarding this course or other related items, please contact:

Erik Jan Lingen
Software Director

+31 85 058 00 46

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