New Release PRG software

New Version Release: NozzlePRO 12.0 and FEPipe 10.0

Paulin Research Group and Dynaflow Research Group are pleased to announce the release of the PRG suite 2018 including FEPipe v10.0 and NozzlePRO v12.0. This new release not only contains a great amount of new functionality, but also some of these new features such as BOS B31, are major new additions, based on over 6 years of ongoing development and testing (Non-linear stress analysis), and major QA/QC efforts related to that.

New Features


  • BOS B31 – Fluid-Structure interaction using Frequency Domain Analysis of piping systems to comply with the B31.3 Loading Requirements in Para. 301.5
  • MultiCore SuperNode Solver (4-to-8 times faster)
  • New Post-processing Graphic Module
  • Single Bolt Unloading Analysis in AxiPRO
  • Updated CAESAR II Interface supporting CAESAR II v10
  • All Shell templates can be analyzed using the VIII-2 Part 5 Nonlinear Solver
  • Guidelines for Multiple Olet Model Types for Pipe Stress
  • SIFs and k-factors for structural steel supports on Bends
  • SIFs and k-Factors for Bends with Steel Supports & Pressure Stiffening
  • STP-PT-074 Nozzle Stress Calculations
  • Automated Skirt Added to Nozzles-Plates-Shells-Vessel Heads Templates
  • Addition of Drawing Tools to Allow the Graphical “CAD-like” Modification of Shell Model Details and Addition of Model Components
  • Point Cloud Scanning Software – Allows users to take measurements of FEA models of pipe or vessels, or to compare FEA models to the actual scan model of images. Provides high and low resolution editing.


  • Support for ASME VIII-w Part 5 Nonlinear Analysis Features
  • Directives for EN13445 Local Stress Analysis
  • Non-integral reinforcement pads for pipe shoes and saddles
  • Clamp-Type pipe shoes
  • Updated Allowable Load Algorithm for Pipe Shoes & Saddles
  • Piping Technology & Products Company Pipe Shoe Library
  • Shell Automated Saddle Model
  • Bend SIFs included in PRGiK Calculator
  • Steady State & Transient Thermal Analysis of Pipe Shoes & Saddles
  • Update to Latest Version of API-579/FFS-1 and Enhanced Local Thickness Modeling
  • Automatic Modeling of Rings Around Shell Geometries
  • Addition of Drawing Tools to Allow the Graphical “CAD-like” Modification of Shell Model
  • Details and Addition of Model Components
  • MultiCore SuperNode Solver (4-to-8 times faster)

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