New Course: Pipe Stress Analysis

Dynaflow proudly presents a new online training course: “Pipe Stress Analysis”. This course will be available on the digital learning platform

This course will provide a deep understanding of the theory, design codes and methodologies required to perform pipe stress analysis and to enhance the engineering judgment of the participant. Pipe stress engineering is a broad area of expertise. To perform a pipe stress analysis you’re required to have knowledge from various subjects. From physical concepts to practical applicability, from design code specifications to piping best practices. This course will help you to become a knowledgeable pipe stress engineer that has an understanding of possible routes to solve a problem and how to execute them.

The course starts with a basic introduction of the physics, concepts and equations relevant for pipe stress analysis. With this foundation the course slowly builds towards performing a basic pipe stress analysis by hand in the context of both the commonly used ASME B31.3 and EN13445 design codes. Note that this course does not teach you how to use pipe stress software, but focuses on understanding the theory behind it.

This course utilizes videos, exercises, live sessions and workshops, quizzes and more to provide a steep learning curve and progress the participant’s engineering judgment.

After this course the participant has a solid understanding of pipe stress engineering and is able to apply them when designing a system.

After the course, participants maintain a 1-year unlimited access to the course and the discussions forum. This allows them to perform modules again when they need to refresh the knowledge for their projects. To see if this course is something for you there is a FREE preview of the course available.

October 4th we will start with the first LIVE session of this course. Don’t miss it and enroll now or watch the preview first.

For more information, please contact:

Iris Joele

+31 85 058 00 46

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