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We are glad to announce that the BOSfluids training course has been updated. The course has been restructured and expanded to provide insights on the latest version of the BOSfluids program. Whether you have previously participated in the course and are experienced with the program or whether you are a beginner, we invite you to check it out. For a quick look and feel of the course, you can watch the content showcase.

Below is a list of updates made to the course:

  • Restructured the course for better learning experience.
  • Rerecorded most of the existing content in newest version of BOSfluids.
  • Added explanations for recently added element and node types.
  • Added extensive discussion on (quasi) steady state analyses.
  • Included the flood and drain analysis in the course.
  • Included explanations on Fluid-structure interaction.
  • Added additional tutorials, such as control systems and tube rupture analysis.
  • Added quick questions to test your knowledge.

For more information, please contact:

Iris Joele

+31 85 058 00 46

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