Multiphase Production Technology 2017 Conference

DRG at the Multiphase Production Technology 2017 Conference Cannes

7-8-9 June 2017 in Cannes, France

In the first week of June 2017, DRG attended the 18th Multiphase Production Technology Conference in Cannes. This event is considered one of the most influencing events in multiphase technology. Engineers concerned with any aspect of multiphase technology come together to discuss new research and developments. The low oil price puts significant pressures on Oil and Gas companies to demand greater understanding of flow assurance, multiphase flows and production chemistry, whilst in-house expertise cannot necessarily cover all successful innovative developments. Multiphase production solutions have enabled the Oil and Gas industry to improve its production performance, extend its operations and enter progressively more technically challenging areas. The lessons learned, the modelling techniques developed and the practical experiences of its users are of value to engineers in a range of industries including Oil and Gas, process, chemicals, mining, water and power.

Together with Francesco Tocci from the Politecnico di Milano and Ruud Henkes from Shell Projects & Technology and Delft University of Technology, DRG’s Frank Bos presented the results of important research on CFD for multiphase flow in vertical risers. DRG has a long track record in solving problems associated with the occurrence of multiphase flows, which often consist of water, oil, gas and sand particles using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques. Please visit DRG’s special webpage about advanced CFD techniques.

This work is also presented in a paper. Please contact us if you are interested in reading this document.

Simulation tools are used extensively for the design and for the improved operations of Oil and Gas production systems. Most of these simulations are carried out with steady and transient one-dimensional tools. For some applications, however, such as flow in bends, flow in splitters, flow in headers to facilities etc. the one-dimensional assumption limits the prediction accuracy. As an alternative, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can be used, either for two-dimensional and three-dimensional configurations. The study as presented in this paper is focused on the verification and validation of CFD results for multiphase flow of gas and liquid through vertical pipe sections.

The presentation can be downloaded from the conference website.

source: Multiphase 2017

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