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For the last couple of months DRG is expanding its training activities online in association with the e-learning platform Our newest online course regards our software package ISOtracer. ISOtracer is the fastest modeling tool for generating 3D piping models from isometric drawings. If you are interested in knowing what our software can do for you we now have a FREE online 30-minute course.

ISOtracer is specially built for engineers involved with modeling piping systems for static/dynamic stress simulations, fluid flow simulations or other piping systems. ISOtracer will help you save valuable time when generating piping models from isometric drawings.

You can now build your model up to 50% faster by clicking along the pipe routing instead of manually defining every pipe segment in your pipe stress package. The nodes are automatically marked on the isometric including lengths and element type. The built-in Intelligent-Routing© capability allows for even faster modeling. Changes in direction are automatically recognized. The user only has to prompt the right length and everything else is taken care of by the software.

ISOtracer incorporates seamless links between flow analysis and pipe stress analysis. This allows the passing of models and data between these workgroups without data loss eliminating redundant work processes and improving the quality of pipe stress and fluid flow analysis. The created 3D-model is exportable to many of the common engineering packages for analysis. Examples of these packages are the pipe stress software packages such as CAESAR II, AutoPipe, Rohr2 and TriFlex and flow and pulsation packages such as BOSfluids and BOSpulse. The exported 3D-model includes, beside the pipe routing, also all other marked-up elements such as Supports, Valves, Bends, Flanges etc. When imported, the model is immediately ready for analysis, saving an enormous amount of time.

After you have created your personal account you can watch the FREE online 30-minute ISOtracer course. On the platform you will find, amongst other things, recordings of the Dynaflow Webinars, video tutorials of software like Caesar II, NozzlePRO and BOSfluids and video lectures on pulsations, GRP and many other interesting topics. We invite you to use the platform to your benefit, whenever you want to look back at a training topic or improve your skills further!For more information, please contact:


Iris Joele


Phone: +31 (085) 058 00 46


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