Heat Exchangers in Concentrating Solar Power

DRG performs structural assessments on Heat Exchangers for Concentrating Solar Power plants

The US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy proclaimed 2014 ‘The year of Concentrating Solar Power‘.

This is still true for 2015, as all around the world new plants for Concentrated Solar Power are developed.

DRG contributes with structural mechanical analysis of the involved heat exchangers. The cyclic nature (day & night), high temperatures and high pressures are demanding conditions for heat exchangers of the steam generation systems (SGSs) and the thermal energy storage systems (TESSs).

DRG has performed mechanical analyses (including assessments for burst, buckling and fatigue) for several heat exchangers for both SGS and TESS systems, amongst others for well-known sites as ‘La Florida’ & ‘La Africana’ Spain, ‘Noor CSP’ Morocco and ‘Bokpoort’ South Africa.

For more information on analyses of heat exchangers by DRG, please contact:

Frank Bos
Project Manager

+31 85 058 00 46

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