FRP Pipe Stress Analysis Webinar – Use of the pipe stress envelope according to the design standard ISO 14692

Coming weeks Dynaflow Research Group will host a webinar series around the use of the stress envelope for FRP stress analysis. In this webinar series we will explain the background and usage of the pipe stress envelope. The stress envelope is used for pipe stress analysis of fiberglass piping using pipe stress analysis software packages such as CAESAR II.

In this webinar series the concept of a stress envelope is introduced according to the design standard ISO 14692. We will explain how it is constructed from material data and how it is used illustrated with examples in CAESAR II. The first webinar in this serie has been released today.

Dynaflow webinars are firmly based on our engineering expertise, discussing topics such as fiberglass piping; gas, LNG, compressors and pumps; flow analysis; risk & hazard assessment and more. Our webinars are free and accessible through the e-learning platform and our YouTube channel.

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Iris Joele
Marketing and Sales

+31 85 058 00 46

To view all 3 sessions:

Part I

Part II

Part III

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