Firewater Deluge Layout Design

Dynaflow Research Group has performed the design and analysis for the firewater deluge layout of two large production modules of a floating production storage and offloading system (FPSO). The objective was to design a safe, efficient and code compliant system, providing complete spray coverage by monitors and sprinkler nozzles for all areas and equipment that require protection.

The complexity of the modules required an iterative design procedure in close contact with the client to avoid clashes with other piping and equipment. The main design and analysis steps included the following:

  • A firewater demand calculation was performed to obtain a first indication of the total required flow-rate and number of sprinkler nozzles at all areas.
  • An initial sprinkler layout design was made to determine locations of sprinkler nozzles that optimizing coverage while minimizing the required number of nozzles and the total flow rate.
  • A hydraulic calculation was performed for the final design in BOSfluids to analyse pressure drops in the system and confirm that sufficient flow rates were obtained at all areas of the modules.

Firewater deluge systems are prone to water hammer when the initially dry system is suddenly filled with water during a fire event. Dynaflow Research Group therefore always recommends to perform a surge analysis to confirm that water hammer does not lead to excessive loads on the system.

The Flood and Drain module of our inhouse developed software BOSfluids makes it easier than ever to assess the transient effect of filling a deluge firewater system.

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