DRG welcomes Uri Peker

We are pleased to announce that Uri Peker has joined our team as an engineer. Uri holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering of the Technical University Delft. Before moving to the Netherlands, Uri studied at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, faculty of Buenos Aires. During his Master’s degree Uri focused on doing courses of finite element methods, structural mechanics, vibrations and probabilistic design. While in parallel he learned programing in python and C++. This gave him the motivation to work on a theoretical thesis in the Computational Mechanics Group of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The group in which Uri was doing his Master’s thesis used the JIVE library developed by Dynaflow Research Group. Thanks to this Uri discovered Dynaflow Research Group.

In his leisure time Uri likes to go to the gym, watch movies and read lots of literature.

We are excited that Uri decided to take us up on our job offer. We believe that Uri will be a valuable addition to Dynaflow Research Group. He is eager to make his contribution to our team of engineers and to improve our existing services.

Welcome to the team, Uri!

For more information, please contact:
DRG Recruitment

+31 85 058 00 46

DRG Recruitment

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