Welcome Harald & David

We want to welcome Harald Ottens to the Dynaflow Research Group team! Harald Ottens is joining DRG as Project Engineer. Harald is an accomplished engineer with a record of working in the aerospace and offshore industry. Before Harald joined DRG he was working as a senior specialist in Marine Engineering where he was responsible for hydrodynamic and CFD support to the technology and innovation Department. DRG is a multi-disciplinary engineering company that has many years of experience in applying advanced CFD analysis with a structural analysis, we think that Harald is the perfect match for us to explore this service we provide even further.


Last month we welcomed the newest member to our team: David Tickner. David comes fresh from the University of Nottingham where he studied Mechanical Engineering. David a passionate swimmer since an early age, his dedication towards the sport and training has even seen him compete within the NJK (The Netherlands National Junior Championships).  He is eager to learn and we are confident that he will become an all-round Engineering Consultant.

Welcome to the team, Harald and David!

Harald Ottens
David Tickner

For more information, please contact:

Iris Joele

Phone: +31 85 058 00 46

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