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The challenge of keeping up to date

These days, the one sure thing you can say about technology is that it changes fast – across the globe and in every area imaginable. This introduces new complexities every day. More than ever, planning the scope of engineering work, managing projects, and performing calculations in the field require up-to-date software programs and equipment, as well as an ability to keep up with current technologies.

Tools, methods, codes and more

One of the ways DRG helps address change is through our webinar series, which helps participants improve their knowledge of current assessment tools and methodologies, and even keep up to date with current developments in codes and regulations. These webinars are firmly based on our engineering expertise, with past topics that include fiberglass piping; gas, LNG, compressors and pumps; flow analysis; risk & hazard assessment and more. “We hold our webinars on every first Wednesday of the month,” explains webinar producer Luuk Hennen. “They are about forty-five minutes to an hour in length, including the Q&A sessions that round off each event, and participants can register online for free.”

Global accessibility and an online presence

Participants come from across the globe, and a GMT+1 starting time allows people throughout Europe and the Americas to attend. DRG records each webinar and makes it accessible online for a week for those that can’t attend, such as people from Australia and the APAC region. “We also run a dedicated LinkedIn page for webinars, with a list of past and future topics, as well as a question and answer section,” says Hennen. “Our idea is to create a real community surrounding the webinars – a place where people can ask questions, find answers and discuss the issues they deal with every day.”

Upcoming topics across a variety of concepts

Upcoming webinars include topics such as using ISOtracer to reduce modelling time; fatigue assessment; fiberglass versus steel piping, and methods for assessing unbalanced loads.

Click here to watch a previous webinar or to register. And we look forward to seeing you at our next webinar event!

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