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DRG’s software team has been working on new versions of its three pipeline analysis software packages: BOSfluids for the analysis of transient fluid flows in pipeline systems; BOSpulse for the analysis of pressure pulsations in pipeline systems; and ISOtracer for building 3-D models of pipeline systems. The new versions are expected to be released in the coming months.

All three packages have been extended with an undo framework that makes it possible to roll back one or a series of changes that have been made to a model. This saves time and reduces stress in the event of a mistake. Care has been taken to minimise the impact of the efficiency of the software during the execution of normal modelling and analysis operations.

Both BOSfluids and BOSpulse have been extended with support for natural gases, using the AGA-8 methodology to calculate the fluid properties.

In addition, both packages are better able to handle pipeline systems in which the fluid temperature varies significantly. To be precise, fluid properties can be specified as function of the temperature and the correct wave speed will be used in each part of the system. Many other changes have been implemented to make all three packages more efficient, more robust and more accurate.

We are far from done as we have started a number of substantial development projects that will add major features to our software and that will strengthen the foundations on top of which the software has been built. These projects include, but are not limited to, a new steady state flow solver that is more accurate and much more efficient, and a new implementation of the 3-D graphics engine using sophisticated shader programs that are able to draw the exact geometry of a pipeline system much faster than the previous graphics engine. Since some of these projects are almost completed, we will soon write more about them in a later update.

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