DRG lunch lecture

DRG lunch lecture VvTP Delft

DRG on the road: Today DRG gave a Lunch Lecture at Applied Sciences Delft University of Technology (TUD). The event was hosted by the student association for Applied Physics (VvTP), the study association for all Applied Sciences students in Delft.Our engineers present DRG and themselves to bachelor and master program students : “Why working in consultancy and software programming is exciting and challenging”.

A connection with VvTP has been made a long time ago as Niels Bos, partner at DRG, is honorary member of VvTP. Niels Bos is a former president VvTP (1992-1993). The honorary members of the Student Association for Applied Physics are people from scientific and business backgrounds who have made themselves exceptionally useful VvTP, and support the association with their advice and long term affairs. All honorary members are appointed for life.

Are you interested where we will give the next Lunch Lecture? Please visit our Facebook page.

For more information, please contact:
Email: Iris Joele

Phone: +31 85 058 00 46

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