DRG Lecture 19 March 2015

On 19th April Richard Fawcett of DRG has presented the lecture “Dynamic Stress Analysis. How to deal with AIV, blast loads, thermal transients, surge, vibrations, pulsations and other transient effects”.

Frequently it is necessary for the stress engineer to include transient effects in their calculations. For example in a piping calculation it may be necessary to account for fluid transients such as Acoustical Induced Vibrations (AIV), surge or slugging. It could also be the case that cyclic thermal gradients are set up through a component creating a cyclic stress or pulsations arise downstream of a compressor or pump.

To address these dynamic problems the stress engineer needs not only to understand the physics of what is happening but also which trusted approach should be taken for the analysis (software and code).

In this lecture a range of transient effects was introduced. It showed why they occur and what their effect on a stress analysis is. A number of typical projects conducted by DRG were used to demonstrate how these transient effects can be included in a stress analysis.

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