DRG increases CPU power for CFD

Dynaflow Research Group has a long history in solving advanced flow problems using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques. CFD is applied to a wide range of research and engineering problems in many different industries. Using CFD enable us to solve flow problems in detail providing valuable insights in flow behavior in complex geometries.

Recently DRG has increased her amount of CPU power with 35% to a total of 132 nodes. This increase in CPU power allows DRG to perform even more advanced CFD solutions with a higher degree in complexity and with higher accuracy. Of course it also speeds up a parametric study to perform more simulations simultaneously. Using Helyx CFD software provides DRG optimal flexibility in setting up the simulations such that the increased CPU power can be used in an efficient manner.

Using CFD in addition to our dedicated software and knowledge to solve surge flow and pulsation problems DRG can offer a wide range of flow solutions.

Filling of a deluge fire water system

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