DFC2017 keynote

DFC2017 keynote: Simulation requirements for oil and gas transport in pipeline systems

Presentation by Prof. dr. ir. Ruud A.W.M. Henkes (Shell Projects and Technology/Delft University of Technology)

DRG is proud to announce its keynote speaker on the 4th Conference on Flow Problems in Oil & Gas Industry on 4 October, 2017 at the DOB Academy in Delft.

Our keynote speaker is Prof. dr. ir. Ruud A.W.M. Henkes. During the DFC2017 Mr. Henkes will give a presentation on Simulation requirements for oil and gas transport in pipeline systems.

Multiphase flow is an important technology area in the production of hydrocarbon gas and liquids. This involves the fluid flow in the reservoirs, wells, pipelines, and processing facilities.

Over the past decades extensive fundamental and applied research has led to adequate design and operational procedures. Some of the current multiphase flow challenges are related to (i) the production of more complex reservoirs (deeper water, more remote locations, more viscous oils), (ii) aging fields and systems giving unstable flow in over sized wells and pipelines, and (iii) new productions methods, such as floating LNG.

This presentation focuses on the simulation requirements to handle the underlying flow problems. This will include the state-of-the art capabilities of 1D, 2D, and 3D modelling tools.

Figure: CFD simulations versus experiments for the void fraction at different planes in a vertical pipe with multiphase flow

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