DFC2015 Update: ISOtracer Sneak Preview

New software tool for quick modeling of piping systems from isometric drawings

Coming this fall: ISOtracer by Dynaflow Research Group.

ISOtracer is a new tool for engineers involved with modeling piping systems for static/dynamic stress simulations, fluid flow simulations or other piping systems. Using this brand new tool, managing your isometrics, generating a piping model and marking up changes has never been easier.

During the DFC 2015 a preview of ISOtracer is given showing the main features including:

  • Importing isometric drawings (pdf, png, etc)
  • Setting up coordinate systems and units
  • Tracing isometrics and applying node numbers
  • Exporting the piping model to BOSfluids or CAESAR II

ISOtracer will help you save valuable time when generating piping models from isometric drawings and will be compatible by most of the large pipe stress packages like CAESAR II and also all DRG fluid flow software packages (BOSfluids and BOSpulse).

For more information please contact:

DRG Software

+31 85 058 00 46

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