DFC2015 Update: Info on training sessions

BOSfluids and HELYX CFD training sessions during the morning of the DFC2015

During the morning session of the Dynaflow Flow Conference on September 23rd 2015 in Rotterdam, DRG provides 2 hands-on training sessions to introduce the capabilities of HELYX CFD and BOSfluids. The training sessions are free for standard conference delegates.

BOSfluids Training Course

BOSfluids is an interactive software package for the simulation and analysis of fluid flow through pipeline systems. It is capable of simulating both the steady state and transient behavior of fluids flowing through closed-conduit systems of pipes, valves, pumps and surge relief devices.

During this training course, participants learn how to deal with a practical example of a surge problem due to a fast closing valve. Both theory and a hands-on solution are presented by using BOSfluids. Topics during this session include:

  • Piping system modeling
  • Valve modeling theory and implementation in BOSfluids
  • Tips & TricksThe training course will be given by an experienced trainer from DRG, who is not only regularly involved in surge studies during his daily work, but is also actively working with the software development team to improve BOSfluids further.

    HELYX CFD Training Course

    HELYX is the most comprehensive Computational Fluid Dynamics toolbox based around the Open Source CFD framework OpenFOAM. HELYX is specifically written to take advantage of the many benefits of Open Source to offer a fully supported professional CFD solution for industry without the complex license restrictions and costs imposed by other vendors.

    During this training course on the DFC2015, DRG will show that CFD does not have to be hard and difficult since HELYX includes an intuitive interface, best practice boundary conditions and easy post-processing. In this short training session, DRG will use HELYX to model and simulate typical industrial applications related to:

  • Multiphase flow in an industrial separator
  • Heat transfer (convection, conduction and radiation)
  • Water flows through pipeline components (valves and filters)Participants will be able to gain hands-on experience how to use HELYX CFD and learn that it
  • may be a useful tool to solve CFD problems for their Engineering department.

For more information please contact:

Frank Bos

+31 85 058 00 46

Project Manager

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