How to Review a Pulsation Study

Pulsation Study BOSview

About the course Pulsation studies can result in quite elaborate and complex reports with large output data sets. To the non-specialist it may feel like you are being confronted with difficult recommendations to which you should adhere, yet it is unclear how these were concluded based on the large “black box of data” which is […]

Pulsation & Vibration theory

About the course This course imparts fundamental knowledge of pressure pulsations in piping, particularly in the context of API 618 analyses related to reciprocating compressors. Through real-life case studies, you will gain insights into the origins and potential implications of pulsations caused by compressors. The instructor will cover assessment techniques, including pulsation analysis using software, […]

Flow Assurance

About the course Flow assurance is about ensuring that fluid flows as intended in a pipe or a well. It relies heavily on well-established sciences like fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, discrete mathematics, automation, and computer science. However, even though the sciences are well established, flow assurance is developing very rapidly, and keeping […]

BOSpulse Foundations

About the course This course equips engineers with fundamental knowledge of pulsations in piping systems and demonstrates how to assess them according to API 618 and API 674 codes. It is designed for professionals engaged in acoustic and mechanical design for piping related to reciprocating equipment. Participants gain a solid theoretical foundation in pulsation analysis […]

Water Hammer Analysis using BOSfluids

About the course This course teaches you all the fundamentals of performing water hammer analysis using BOSfluids. Background knowledge about water hammer phenomena and analyses methods are provided as well as tutorials in performing such analyses in the BOSfluids software. Results are discussed in detail to provide a solid understanding of their interpretation. Next to different […]

Acoustic and Flow Induced Vibrations

CAESAR II Dynamic pipe stress

About the course Acoustic Induced Vibrations (AIV) and Flow Induced Vibrations (FIV) can cause piping systems to vibrate potentially resulting in fatigue failure. These excitation mechanisms are non-linear and strongly influenced by process conditions and pipework design such as mass flow rates and valve trims. Therefore, it can be difficult to predict the presence in new systems or […]