Corrosion Resistant Alternative for Geothermal Well Casings

Geothermal wells – European sponsored GRE-GEO project: Development of a corrosion-free fiberglass composite well casing as an alternative for a steel casing.

As part of the European-sponsored GRE-GEO project, Dynaflow Research Group is actively involved in the development of a corrosion-free Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) casing system for geothermal wells as an alternative for carbon steel casings. The primary goal of the project is the development of a single-barrier GRE tubular. The secondary goal is the development of a complementary second GRE barrier that could improve the integrity of conventional steel casings in existing wells. An Industry Standard will be developed that covers the qualification, design, and installation of a GRE casing in geothermal wells and will be an important delivery of the project as well. The feasibility of this new application will be demonstrated in a real field application in 2023.

Geothermal energy will play an important role in the national energy transition policies. Improvement of the integrity of a geothermal well by the application of corrosion-free alternatives like GRE-GEO will contribute substantially to the reliability and design lifetime of geothermal wells. Since 1983 Dynaflow is involved in the design, R&D, engineering, and implementation of corrosion-free fiberglass systems in the industry and is a founding member of ISO 14692. Application of this expertise, further development of our knowledge in the field of sustainable energy, and the improvement of overall system integrity in general match well with our company goals. The attached FLYER will provide more background information about the GRE-GEO project.

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