Gas Compressor Station Assessment

gas compressor station, offshore compressor design, compressor unit analysis, Dynaflow Research Group, gas compression optimization, structural integrity assessment, piping thermal expansion, compressor nozzle evaluation

A gas compressor station, comprising five similar compressor units connected by an inlet and outlet header, is planned for offshore construction in Mexico. Each unit features three compressor stages that elevate the gas pressure from ambient levels to 95 bar. This substantial pressure increase is accompanied by a significant temperature rise, necessitating the installation of […]

Pipe Stress Analysis for an Oil and Gas Extraction Facility

pipe stress analysis, oil and gas extraction, engineering solutions, static and dynamic stress analysis, pipeline integrity, multiphase flow lines, equipment stress assessment, fitness for service assessment, pulsation study, flange load analysis

Dynaflow Research Group (DRG) conducted comprehensive pipe stress analyses for a large oil and gas extraction facility. This facility comprises three onshore flow stations, one offshore flow station, and a gas export compressor station. Crude oil and gas are transported from the wells to the flow stations, where the crude oil and gas are separated. […]

Strength Assessment of a GRE Dump Caisson

GRE dump caisson, finite element analysis, Glass Reinforced Epoxy, caisson strength assessment, nozzle reinforcement, caisson bending loads, FE/Pipe analysis, CAESAR II, ISO 14692 compliance, laminate joint evaluation

A large-diameter seawater dump caisson, constructed from Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE), required a comprehensive strength assessment. This caisson featured five nozzles, with one positioned in the blind flange at its top, all subject to external piping loads. The primary objective was to determine the necessary reinforcement for the intersection of the caisson and the nozzles. […]

Static Analysis of a Vessel’s Dividing Wall

vessel dividing wall static analysis, ASME B&PV Section VIII Division 2, fatigue analysis, Dynaflow Research Group, stress assessment, rectifier column design, finite element analysis, Pro/Mechanica, FEMap, corrosion allowance

Dynaflow Research Group (DRG) conducted a static analysis of a rectifier or afterwash column, which consisted of a carbon steel shell with a 15 mm thick dividing plate welded from wall to wall. The column stood approximately 70 meters tall, with the dividing wall spanning 70% of its height. Both the vessel and the dividing […]

Assessment of a Jetty Pipeline: Combined Pressure Surge and Dynamic Stress Analysis

Jetty pipeline assessment, Pressure surge analysis, Dynamic stress analysis

A steel pipeline was under construction for offloading naphtha from ships arriving at a jetty. A surge analysis was conducted to evaluate the pipeline’s capability under various transient upset scenarios. Following this, a dynamic stress and flexibility study was performed based on the calculated pressure surges. Analysis A transient one-dimensional fluid model of the entire […]

Sulphur Recovery Burners Stress Analysis and Assessment

sulphur recovery burners, stress analysis, ASME VIII Division 1, Finite Element Analysis, burner design, pressure vessel code, nozzle load assessment, burner modification, stress concentration, burner vessel analysis

DRG was engaged to conduct a comprehensive stress analysis for three sulphur recovery burners, in accordance with ASME VIII Division 1 of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. This analysis included both Division 1 calculations and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to evaluate the impact of loads at the junctions of the nozzles. Each burner assembly […]

Fire Water System on an LNG Plant: Stress and Surge Analysis

Fire water system analysis, surge analysis, stress analysis

A comprehensive stress and surge analysis was performed for the firewater piping system of an LNG plant located in South America. The system, constructed using Glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipes, underwent a dynamic response analysis to account for the largest and most critical unbalanced forces. Surge Analysis The existing firewater system comprised two pump connections: […]

Predicting the Flow Split Between Cooling Towers

cooling tower flow split, flow distribution optimization, BOSfluids software, cooling tower performance, orifice plate installation

The customer needed to determine the flow split between six cooling towers within a cooling tower arrangement. Analysis The six cooling towers were fed from a collector header, which received water through one of three lines. These lines were in turn fed from a second header, supplied by two centrifugal pumps. For optimal cooling tower […]

Actuator Verification and FEM Analysis Conforming to PED Standards

actuator, PED, FEM, finite element methods, FEM analysis,

This project presented the assessment results of the analysis of the pressure-containing part of an actuator. The focus was on evaluating the actuator’s integrity through various finite element method (FEM) analyses to ensure compliance with potential failure mechanisms. Analysis Several FEM analyses were conducted to validate the actuator’s integrity against possible failure mechanisms. The assessment […]

Stress Analysis of Platforms on a Vacuum Tower

finite element methods, finite element analysis, platforms, platforms on a vacuum tower, stress analysis

In this study, the details and results of the stress analysis performed for the design of two platforms attached to the reinforcement rings of a vacuum tower were presented. The platforms were positioned at two different elevations. The highest platform was designed to encircle the vacuum tower almost entirely, while the lower platform comprised two […]