Design Assessment For Wintertrack Tower

finite element analysis

Introduction In this case, the high-tension wires will be supported by slender steel conical towers. The towers are loaded by various horizontal and vertical load components.The following load mechanism can be distinguished: The required access door to the tower inside located at the foot of the tower (the highest loaded cross-section) is an additional complication […]

Cooling Water System In An Existing Power Plant

Cooling Water System

Introduction Our client is reviewing/upgrading the primary cooling water system in an existing power plant. The primary cooling water flow can be operated as an open loop or as a closed loop system. In the “closed” loop configuration, the cooling water pumps extract water from the intake basin under the cooling tower and forward the […]

Vibration Enhancement In A Oil Wash Line

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Introduction In a wash oil line, undesirable vibrations are observed in the downstream line of an angle control valve.Upstream of the control valve, the wash oil has a pressure of 150 bar and a temperature of 400C. Downstream of the valve the pressure dropped to 9 bar, and the temperature remained at400C. The vapor/gas content […]

Preventive Analysis of a Fiberglass Ballast System on a Vessel

surge analysis, static stress analysis, ballast system on a vessel

Introduction A surge analysis and a static stress analysis of an FRP ballast water system were required to avoid the repetition of a previous incident. The ballast system was designed to pump water in the different compartments to balance the oil storage in the other compartments. Analysis Surge Analysis One of the main objectives of […]

GRP Sea Water System

surge analysis, GRP, sea water system

Introduction The seawater system is a class A system according to Service Limit State (SLS). The system is made from reinforced fiberglass piping, containing a pump manifold with three pumps, each with a rated capacity of 5,500 m3/h. The manifold is connected to two vaporizers via two 1200 mm diameter buried pipes. The design pressure […]

A Deluge Fire Fighting System

surge analysis, Fire Fighting System

Introduction A deluge fire fighting system is installed on three monopiles in the North Sea. For these systems, a water hammer calculation was performed.The system consisted of a two-ring fire water system with four sprinkler lines connected to the second, lowest, ring. For future scenarios, four additional sprinkler lines might be connected to the first […]

GRP Fire Fighting System

fiberglass, gre system, fire fighting system

Introduction In a gas facility, several new units were implemented in the existing plant. The fire water system was designed to provide a secure source of firewater storage, make-up, and supply distribution capacity to meet the largest firewater demand for the complete plant area. Analysis The objectives of the surge analyses were as follows: Results […]

Vibration Reduction in a Process Piping Project

Introduction The process piping running from a heat exchanger to a separator showed a high vibration level. The concern is that the dynamic stress level could cause fatigue failures specifically in the equipment nozzles in the future. The flow through the piping is a two-phase flow, a combination of liquid and gas, which causes slug […]

A 16” Line on a Chemical Plant

vibration analysis, chemical plant

Introduction A strong vibration of the main 16” line is observed on a chemical plant. It is assumed that the vibration is caused by slug flow in the 16” line. The 16” pipe connection between a low-temperature separator and a heat exchanger. DRG was requested to investigate the vibration. Analysis The two-phase flow data analysis […]

Cooling Water Piping on a Dredger

cooling water piping on a dredger, surge analysis

Introduction In this case, the client requested a surge analysis, and static and dynamic stress analysis for the cooling water lines including supporting steel on a dredger. Analysis The objective of the surge analysis was to define the cooling water flow rates during a steady state and the unbalanced loads during several upset scenarios. The […]