BOSpulse 5.1: Improved support for modeling gases

The release of BOSpulse 5.1 brings improved support for modeling gases. The addition of a new Custom Gas type, for instance, enables you to specify a complete equation of state in the form of a table listing all relevant gas properties as a function of both the temperature and pressure. The BOSpulse user interface will display those properties as a series of curves with either a constant pressure or temperature.

In BOSpulse 5.1 the AGA Report No. 8 Part 1 equation of state has been replaced by the AGA Report No. 8 Part 2 equation of state. The latter involves the GERG-2008 method that covers a larger range of pressures and temperatures. Moreover, the GERG-2008 has no restrictions on gas compositions and can therefore also be used for single-component gases. This greatly extends the applicability of the AGA-8 equation of state.


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