BOSpulse 5.1: Improved support for comparing scenarios and cases

When an API analysis involves a large number of operating conditions your BOSpulse model will be made up of many scenarios and simulation cases. This will make it challenging to keep track of the differences between simulation cases and to determine which cases need mitigation measures in order to meet the API allowable limits. BOSpulse 5.1 brings two new features that can greatly help you deal with this kind of complexity: a new Cases Plot type and support for defining so-called virtual simulation cases.

The Cases Plot type shows results as a function of the simulation cases and/or parameter variations. This type of plot shows a bar for each case and parameter variation. The height of the bar indicates the maximum value within the selected data set over all selected harmonics. If desired, then the bars associated with different parameter variations can be collapsed into a single bar representing the maximum value over all variations. The Cases Plot type can show you at a glance which cases do not meet the API allowable limits and require further attention.

A virtual simulation case combines the data sets associated with two or more regular cases to obtain a new collection of data sets. A virtual case therefore makes it possible to combine the results from multiple scenarios to determine the response of complex piping systems that can operate in multiple configurations. Consider, for instance, a system involving multiple compressors that can be in operation on an individual basis. Instead of creating scenarios for all possible combinations of working compressors, you could define a scenario for each compressor and then combine the results by means of a virtual case to estimate the worst-case response of the system.


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