BOSpulse 5.1: Extension of the reciprocating compressor model

BOSpulse 5.1 makes it more straightforward to model a wider range of compressors by extending the reciprocating equipment models with support for regulated valve operating modes. This operating mode enables you to completely specify the opening curve of a reciprocating valve as function of the crank angle so that you can model the behavior of actively regulated valves of which the motion is not governed by the pressure difference. You can use this mode, for instance, to model slide valves that are connected mechanically to the crankshaft. You can also use this mode to model valves that are regulated by means of (electronic) actuators.

The Reciprocating Compressor configuration window has been extended with information about the indicated power associated with a cylinder. This information is obtained by calculating the area enclosed by the P-V diagram. The indicated power is also listed in the new standard Reciprocating Power report.


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