BOSfluids: Improved and more efficient user interface

As has become a sort of tradition, this new BOSfluids release brings many small and large improvements to its user interface that make it even more efficient and versatile. For instance, when creating a new project, you can specify global model properties in advance so that you do not have to adjust them afterwards.

The Profile plot type has been improved so that it can show the locations of named elements along the selected path in the piping model. That path can now be specified by multiple nodes so that you have greater control over the path finding algorithm.

Other improvements to the user interface include: a new setup of the top-level Run tab page that takes less space while showing more progress information; a new function for reversing the order of selected elements or nodes; support for copying element and node properties to multiple other elements or nodes; an improved Actions window that also displays dynamic boundary conditions; a new dialog box that lists all symbolic parameters in a model, and that enables you to modify their value; support for configuring the number format associated with the color legend displayed in the model viewer; and support for defining custom data sets that are generated by means of mathematical expressions in terms of sensor values.

This BOSfluids release also features an automatic, online check for available software updates. This check can be performed manually through a new entry in the top-level Help menu. You can disable the check and notification if you want to upgrade at a later time.


Furthermore, we would also like to inform new and future users that our “Water hammer/surge analysis using BOSfluids” training course is available as self-paced online training course. For more information on this course and other courses please visit us on


For more information on BOSfluids licenses and pricing, please contact:

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or request the demo version.

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